@PrincesseTamTam: Elizabeth laughed, though. I think if she were talking about the loss of her child or cancer, she wouldn't be laughing. Those two things probably didn't even occur to her—they weren't things her choices had anything to do with. » 2/20/10 10:11am 2/20/10 10:11am

This trend is incredibly disturbing, especially compounded with the way child marketing surrounds kids at every turn. When they wake up in their Hannah Montana bedspread, use a Hannah Montana toothbrush, wear Hannah Montana clothes to school where they use their Hannah Montana folders and penncils... and then go to… » 11/22/09 5:24pm 11/22/09 5:24pm

Tyra's goals are honorable, but I think she should really take a few classes on anthropology and gender studies. She has a big platform and she's a role model for many black women. But it's obvious she isn't as well versed in certain areas as she should be, and she doesn't do those subjects justice when she tries to… » 11/19/09 3:03pm 11/19/09 3:03pm